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Privacy Policy and Data Protection

  1. Responsible for data processing

    1. J. F. Sousa - Gestão Hoteleira Unipessoal Lda, manager of Clube Pinhal da Foz, is the entity responsible for the treatment of personal data provided. VAT 506572099 and established at Rua João Ferreira da Silva, 4740-270 Esposende.

  2. Personal Data, holders of personal data and categories of personal data

    1. Personal data is information of any kind, collected in any form, related to a singular, identified or identifiable person. The set of information that may lead to the identification of a particular person, namely by reference to an identifier (such as an identification number or a location data), shall be considered identifiable.

    2. Clube Pinhal da Foz, in view of the professional activity it carries out, collects and processes data of the following types of natural persons:

      • Guests and Clients (national and foreign);

      • Candidates and / or trainees;

      • Service providers and employees.

  3. Basics and Purposes of the Treatment of Personal Data

    1. The data of Guests or clients of the Clube Pinhal da Foz must be provided and treated, as it is necessary for the execution of the accommodation contract and compliance with the legal obligations imposed on the Clube Pinhal da Foz.

    2. The personal data provided by guests or clients will be processed and stored by computer and will only be used by the Clube Pinhal da Foz for customer management and service provision, for accounting, tax and administrative management, litigation, promotion and marketing and compliance of legal obligations.

    3. Clube Pinhal da Foz assures her guests or clients that it adopts all the necessary measures to protect the privacy of the personal data of her guests and clients, both in the use of its products and services, and in the access and navigation of the Website

  4. Data transmission

    1. Clube Pinhal da Foz may, for the purpose of processing personal data, use subcontractors for service provision and billing. These entities are obliged to develop the appropriate technical, administrative and legal procedures necessary for the data protection and Customer rights. Whenever it is imposed by legal imperative, Clube Pinhal da Foz may have to provide personal data of the Client to public authorities, such as the tax authority, security forces and courts.

  5. Period of retention of personal data

    1. The personal data of the Costumer will be kept for the minimum possible time, that means, only during the period necessary to provide the service, product and compliance with legal obligations, accounting and billing. The data provided may still be retained if there is a need for prosecution, as long as they are pending.

  6. Rights of data holders

    1. The Customer, when providing its personal data to Clube Pinhal da Foz, gives its previous consent, informed and independent, in a written or oral statement, or in a validation option, so that they are processed according to this declaration of privacy and treatment of personal data. The Customer has the right to oppose the processing of data for marketing purposes, at any moment and for any means.

    2. It is guaranteed to the Client the right of access, correction, portability, opposition, erasure and limitation of the treatment of their personal data, by contacting us by writing per e-mail to or using the address, Clube Pinhal da Foz, Rua João Ferreira da Silva, 4740-270 Esposende.

  7. Cookies Policy

    1. What are cookies? Cookies are small text files with relevant information that is downloaded by your access device (computer, mobile phone / smartphone or tablet), through the browser, when a site is visited by the user, and used to store information about visits.

    2. Cookies, depending on how long the user stays on the page, can be classified as session cookies or permanent cookies. The first type of cookies expires when the user closes the browser. The second type of cookies expires when your purpose is completed or when they are manually turned off.

    3. Cookies used by Clube Pinhal da Foz in site do not collect personal information to identify the user. The cookies used on the site are:

      • Analytics - collects information about users' browsing experience on the web page, anonymously, although sometimes they also allow a user to be identified, uniquely and unambiguously to obtain information about the user's interests in the services provided by the web page.

      • Advertising - active persistently but for a limited period in order to collect user information on browsing habits on the Internet so that the ads displayed by that matches your needs and interests.

      • Third-party - allow the site to remember browsing preferences, language, region and collect user information to target advertising to their interests.

    4. The website uses cookies to collect statistical information in order to analyze the operation of the site and the users' browsing experience, and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and promotional campaigns.

    5. Disable the use of cookiesAll browsers allow the user to accept, reject or delete cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser. Therefore, users may disable the use of cookies at at any time by modifying their browser settings. However, it is important to note that disabling cookies may prevent some web services from functioning properly, affecting all or part of the navigation.

  8. Clube Pinhal da Foz Commitment

    1. Clube Pinhal da Foz has established a set of internal rules and procedures to be able to monitor the implementation and development of its client’s privacy and personal data protection policy, defining rules for subcontractors, employees and service providers. All employees and Pinhal da Foz Clube service providers are committed to, in any case, disclose to third parties or use for their own benefit or for purposes contrary to current legislation, the information and personal data of Customers, whose knowledge is obtained as a result of the exercise of their functions in Clube Pinhal da Foz.

    2. Clube Pinhal da Foz has personnel responsible for ensuring the security of the personal data provided to it by Customers, namely by developing practices and procedures that prevent unauthorized access and destroy personal data as soon as storage and maintenance is no longer required for the fulfillment of contractual purposes and legal obligations.


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